Pre Conference Workshops 2015

(These workshops will be held on the Monday November 16th, 2015)

Pre-Conference Workshops


Emergency Preparedness for the Tourism Sector                                                                                        

16th November 2015 from 0830 - 1200 hours

Location:  Sheraton Wall Centre Hotel, Vancouver



 Wendy, Magnes                                 Manager, Regional Partnerships    Destination British Columbia              Victoria, BC       

 Deborah Procter                           Manager, Emergency Programs          City of Richmond

 Kirsten Jasper                        Manager, Emergency Programs      City of Vancouver                              

 Danielle Friebe                                   Emergency Social Services Specialist    Emergency Management BC

Cpl. Len van Nieuwenhuizen                                                    E INSET CTIO Coordinator                                                    RCMP E Division, Surrey BC

C/M Julie Wytrwal                                                                 Criminal Intelligence Analyst                                                     RCMP E Division, Surrey BC




This session will be customized for the hotel industry and also business owners who want to know more security, emergency preparedness best practices for industry and local and provincial preparations specific to our region. Government and business need to respond cohesively during a disaster and we hope this workshop will provide an opportunity to enhance awareness of plans, response strategies, and clarify expectations of respective roles and capabilities.

Wendy Magnes will share the Destination BC Coordination Plan. Municipal and Provincial Government representatives will discuss key response strategies, means of communicating vital information during critical events, and will provide answers to questions.

The RCMP will facilitate an in-depth security session designed specifically for this audience. They will discuss Operation SECURUS, a partnership between law enforcement and businesses. The program provides awareness tools that will assist in recognizing suspicious activities and how best to report them. Our facilitators will also discuss insider threats, national security programs, and realities of current terrorist threat concerns in Canada.


 (Continental Breakfast & Refreshments included)





Exercise - Operation Windshield                                                                                                                  

16th November 2015 from 0900 -1600 hours

Location: North Vancouver                                                                                                                  

Transportation provided from Sheraton Wall Centre Hotel leaving at 830am (meet in Grand Ballroom Foyer 815am)


Exercise Co-ordinator:

Mike Andrews

Emergency Planning Officer                     

North Shore Emergency Management Office

North Vancouver, British Columbia



  • To integrate and assess revised NSEMO training and operational protocols in a functional EOC
  • To field test all three levels of damage assessment; a windshield survey, Rapid Damage Assessment of buildings and damage assessment of infrastructure
  • To assess the integration of situational awareness and damage information from land, air and marine-based field units into an operational EOC
  • To build on the DamagEx 2015 exercise where real-time rapid damage assessment was conducted from a newly developed smart-phone application
  • To integrate the objectives pertaining to Aviation Management Interoperability for Emergency Response and Recovery in BC as developed by Emergency Management BC
  • To test and showcase an array of technology which can enhance situational awareness and damage assessment



The geographic scope of the exercise includes the three municipalities of Greater Vancouver’s North Shore. The functional scope includes a fully operational emergency operations centre with integrated staffing from all three municipalities. All injects into the EOC will come from Department Operations Centres, dispatch centres or actual units comprising municipal field staff from police, fire, bylaws, engineering and public safety volunteers, as well as from transit operators, marine units and an aircraft. In addition to traditional means, field units will assess and convey situational awareness and damage information into the EOC using a smart phone application and using a newly expanded inter-operable radio system. One or more unmanned aerial vehicles are planned to conduct damage assessment of a bridge and the extent of environmental spills in Vancouver Harbour.


For workshop registrants, the programme will be as follows;

  • 0815 – transportation from the Sheraton Wall Centre Hotel to North Vancouver
  • 0900 to 1200 – observe hazmat exercise to include air operations (helicopter, fixed wing and drone)
  • 1200 – transportation to the NSEM Office, North Vancouver
  • 1215 – 1300 – Lunch
  • 1300 to 1430
    • 1st half of group observes / participates in damage assessment using the mobile application
    • 2nd half of group participates in an interactive session at the EOC
  • 1430 to 1600
    • 1st half of group participates in an interactive session at the EOC
    • 2nd half of group observes / participates in damage assessment using the mobile application
  • 1600 – transportation back to the Sheraton Wall Centre Hotel

Participants with Android and iOS handheld devices are encouraged to bring them in order to try 3 mobile applications, namely;

  • Incident management
  • Evacuation
  • Rapid damage assessment


Registration will be limited to 30 persons and will be on a first come first served basis.

(Lunch & Refreshments included)